About ITG America

Our Story

ITG America is an Ed-Tech company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. The company is a member of Integrated Technology Group, an international IT company that provides solutions to education and public institutions around the globe, with offices and strategic partners that span over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. ITG America brings the very best in educational technology to the US Market through EduWave, the company’s award winning education platform with 15 million users, 42 thousand education institutes, and three countrywide deployments. The company is uniquely positioned to help educational institutions combine their complex needs into a single, complete, consolidated and fully-integrated education solution. ITG America considers its role to be a strategic partner for school districts as well as state and national educational entities. We understand the passion for excellence among our partners in education and aim to provide the tools necessary to help improve achievement and efficiency in their schools.

The firm's strength lies in its vision, which hinges on technological innovations and the ability to identify potential business frontiers well ahead of competition.

About 7% of ITG's revenue is invested in research and development. We realize the importance of investing in R&D to maintain ITG's technological lead and continuously develop innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs.

The firm focuses on providing timely, professional services and support to its clients, and pays close attention to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction attainable.

Our Vision:
People, communities, and organizations around the world empowered by the innovative technologies and solutions provided by ITG.

Our Mission:
To develop and maintain long and trustful relationships with our clients through our commitment to providing them with the highest quality, innovative IT solutions and services, thus empowering people, communities, and helping organizations increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Our Values:
We value our People
We promote Innovation
We are motivated by Challenge
We aim to provide solutions with highest Quality
We strive to achieve highest Customer Satisfaction
We maintain business and personal Integrity
We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

Our People:
ITG operates with over 200 highly qualified and innovative professionals, armed with problem solving abilities and analytical thinking, working in a friendly yet committed environment. Our people are excited by technology, its applications, and the benefits it can bring to organizations.

Professional training is an ongoing activity at ITG so that our professional staff can stay abreast with the technological advancement, new tools and methods that assist them in developing reliable, scalable, and robust solutions. Each member of our team believes in continuous development and improvement, and is dedicated and committed to serve our corporate mission and values.


ITG works through a network of strategic partners and representatives in over 20 countries worldwide in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, and the US. This gives ITG increased reach and flexibility through effective utilization of the combined know-how and experience of its partners in their respective markets. ITG also enjoys strong relations with international technology corporations, which keeps the company in the forefront of technology and industry developments. All this provides the firm with additional support and stability, and adds to its core competencies that render it as one of the most competitive, leading IT companies.





Global Responsibility

The Global Compact
ITG is a UN Global Compact participant, and is committed to supporting its ten principles with respect to:
  • Human Rights
  • Labour
  • Environment
  • Anti Corruption
With this commitment, ITG strives to advance these principles within its sphere of influence, and integrate the Global Compact principles in the company’s culture and operations. ITG also commits to assist in community development in the various countries and regions in which it operates, and to engage in collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nation, particularly the Millennium Development Goals. For more about Global Compact, please visit: www.unglobalcompact.org


ITG’s e-Learning and Educational Management Platform, EduWave, is the proud winner of several international awards:


ITG is a proud member of: