Integrated Technology Group announce new partnership with Clever

ITG and through its continuous curiosity and determination to simplify educational related technologies and complications at all the educational institutions and in order for these institutions to focus on the education itself rather than worrying about technological issues, ITG is excited to announce its partnership with Clever which translates the vision of ITG and expands EduWave reach worldwide and especially in the US.

EduWave was the first educational solution worldwide to accomplish such vision when it was first launched in 2003 through accommodating all the needed educational tools and services including but not limited to: Learning Management System (LMS), Content Management System (CMS), an Instructional Management System (IMS), Assessment Management System (AMS), Student Information System (SIS), and communication and collaboration tools all seamlessly integrated in one solution.   All educational elements (SIS, LMS, CC, & EMIS) under one seamlessly integrated comprehensive solution.

EduWave is the only product worldwide that is built to accommodate all educational institutional services, cloud-based end-to-end educational platform designed to serve large-scale – and countrywide – deployments. It is a comprehensive solution that includes a Learning Management System (LMS), a Content Management System (CMS), an Instructional Management System (IMS), Assessment Management System (AMS), Student Information System (SIS), and communication and collaboration tools all seamlessly integrated in one solution which allows all related educational elements to work together in the most effective manner. Last but not least, EduWave provides the Educational Management Information System (EMIS) which is the BI that sits on top of this integrated environment producing all the required reports based on the sets of KPIs and what we call it now the EduWave Education Decision Support System (EDSS).  This has played major roles in our previous country deployments, and had tremendous results in changing the education strategies.

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Now, and through our partnership with Clever, this shall broaden our vision in meeting all school districts educational needs making sure costs are minimized and the value of education is highly achieved.

About ITG America:

ITG America is an Ed-Tech company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. The company is a member of Integrated Technology Group, an international IT company that provides solutions to education and public institutions around the globe, with offices and strategic partners that span over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. ITG America brings the very best in educational technology to the US Market through EduWave, the company’s award winning education platform with 15 million users, 42 thousand education institutes, and three countrywide deployments. The company is uniquely positioned to help educational institutions combine their complex needs into a single, complete, consolidated and fully-integrated education solution. ITG America considers its role to be a strategic partner for school districts as well as state and national educational entities. We understand the passion for excellence among our partners in education and aim to provide the tools necessary to help improve achievement and efficiency in their schools.

About Clever:
Clever was founded in 2012 by educators and technologists who knew that widely available educational apps could improve both teaching and learning, but that tools to deploy and secure the applications were simply unavailable. Today, more than 44,000 K-12 schools in the U.S. trust Clever to secure their student data as they adopt learning apps in the classroom. Visit to learn more.



CETPA 56th Annual Conference 2016

ITG America will be exhibiting at the California Educational Technology Professionals Association conference in Sacramento, CA on November 8-11, 2016. The theme of the 56th annual conference is Lead-Transform-Achieve. We will be showing EduWave at our booth no. 734 as well as offering free education management system consultations to show how a current system can be improved. This will be the third time that ITG America participates in this major annual professional gathering.

CETPA is the only association in California focusing on the needs of the IT Professionals working in schools. The conference continues to grow and improve to become the best professional learning opportunity for those hoping to learn more about the effective use of technology in schools and how to support it successfully.

Learn more about the CETPA Annual Conference 2016:



ITG is a Gold Partner of the 6th Innovation Africa taking place in Kenya in 2016

The 6th Innovation Africa is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016, under the official patronage of the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and hosted by Cabinet Secretary Hon Fred Matiang’i.
This Event will be graced with the presence of more than 40 Countries across Africa with 90 ministerial invitations. Which are invited to host meetings, accompanied with Education Ministers, Higher-Ed Ministers, Vice presidents, Managing directors & ICT Pioneers from different countries, it will also accommodate vice-chancellors and faculty heads from their leading universities and institutes for technology representing their countries.
Integrated Technology Group ITG has been a gold partner of this important event for the last few years. ITG is proud to be a partner this year to present its educational solutions through one of the biggest educational summits, Innovation Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya from 20-22 Sep. 2016. The summit will bring Ministries of Education, higher education & ICT from over 40 countries across Africa.



EduWave is the First Education Solution to Become SIF 3.1 Certified World Wide

The objective of the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, formerly the SIF Association, is to enable disparate vendor applications to exchange data, without the end-user re-entering data multiple times, to provide secure and consistent information to all applications across a given zone/environment. The A4L Community established the SIF Certification Program to Eduwavehelp ensure that data is successfully transferred between applications and that the transferred data successfully resides in all sharing applications, by using an open, community developed data standard – the SIF Specification. The SIF Certification Program is a voluntary program, and is open to any member of the A4L Community.

The certification program benefits both customers and vendors by:

  • Providing end users an assurance of a high level of conformance and interoperability between SIF-certified products.
  • Reducing the vendor’s costs and risks involved with getting a product certified.



LMS Market in the US 2016-2020 Report Lists ITG America as a Key Vendor

ITG America was mentioned as a key vendor in the US LMS Market 2016-2020 Report published by Research & Markets in June 2016. The 52-page report covers the current situation and future forecast of the LMS market in the US for the years 2016-2020. It has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The analysts forecast the LMS market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 24.57% during the period 2016-2020.

The report sells for $2500 for a single user license. It can be found through this link:

ITG America is a member of ITG group which provides education and technology solutions to school and school district around the globe

Based in San Jose, California

ITG America is uniquely positioned to help educational institutions combine their complex needs into single complete and fully integrated e-learning solutions with more than 200 full-time technology and education professionals

ITG is able to provide its flagship product EduWave to over 15 million users worldwide.


SETDA Announces Partnership with New Cohort of Startups Focused on Serving K-12 Education Needs


June 9, 2016 (Washington, D.C.) – The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), the principal membership association representing U.S. state and territorial digital learning leaders, announced today its fourth annual cohort of Emerging Private Sector Partners. These SETDA Emerging Private Sector Partners will debut at the upcoming Emerging Technologies Forum on June 25 and 26, 2016 in Denver, Colorado and will engage with the SETDA state leaders and affiliates and annual partners over the next twelve months:

The 2016 cohort of companies were selected from a large, highly competitive pool of applicants based on their status as an emerging company, capacity to leverage technology to serve a need in PreK-12 or pre-service education, and their potential to scale on a state-wide and multi-state basis. The Emerging Partners program is designed to foster opportunities for startups to be seen and heard by state and national digital learning leaders. Throughout the course of the year this program creates intentional, in-person and virtual opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding trends in the field as well as products and services that states and districts need.

“When state educational technology leaders are able to partner with emerging companies, both win. The state leaders learn about cutting edge digital learning products and services. The emerging private sector partners get a deeper understanding of state level policies, procedures and initiatives,” stated Tracy Weeks, SETDA’s Executive Director. “Ongoing conversations have the potential of resulting in powerful technologies that truly serve to help solve state and district level problems of practice.”

“We’re excited to be chosen as a SETDA Emerging Private Sector Partner,” said Karl Rectanus, CEO and Co-Founder of Lea(R)n. “Since we developed our unique platform with, by, and for educators and administrators, we are looking forward to partnering with more state leaders to ensure their rapidly changing policy, funding, and technology landscape is harnessed so all states and districts improve outcomes, increase the impacts of their technology investments, and personalize learning at scale.”

Over the next year, the Emerging Private Sector Partners will also have the opportunity to benefit from interactions with education industry experts via SETDA’s Channel Partners (, mentors from previous cohorts of Emerging Partners and SETDA staff.


ITG is attending the CETPA 2015 in San Diego

ITG America is attending the California Educational Technology Professionals Association conference in San Diego on December 1st through 4th. “Shaping the Future of Education Through Technology” is the theme of the 55th annual conference and we are excited to help educators do just that. We look forward to seeing you there!Learn more about the CETPA Annual Conference 2015: CETPA 20152015


CETPA 2014 Was a Blast!

We had an amazing time at the CETPA conference in Sacramento. We got to visit with tons of great ed-tech professionals from all over California as well as some great vendors. Big things are happening in the education technology world and it is great to get to see it first hand!

We made a lot of good connections so keep an eye out for big things coming form us in the near future!

We want to give a big thank you to the California Education Technology Professionals Association for putting on this event and we can’t wait for the next one!

The larget education technology conference in California


ITG and BrainRush Integrating Fun Common Core Learning to Your LMS

Today we are excited to unveil a partnership that will bring fun, individualized common core learning to students around the world. We are happy to announce that we will be partnering up with one of the most innovative educational game developers in the United States. Together we will be able to integrate this supercharged teaching method into our EduWave™ Learning Management System making BrainRush even more accessible and beneficial.

BrainRush has developed an innovative method of teaching Common Core materials through fun and adaptive educational games. With their ever growing library of games teachers are sure to find something that will fit with their curriculum and even if they can’t, BrainRush offers the tools to create custom games. As we all know practice makes perfect and with their Adaptive Practice™ technology, BrainRush keeps student captivated while they participate in rapid-fire practice that adapts to their needs.

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