Free Pilot Program for Northern California K-12 Schools

San Francisco Bay Area schools, we are looking for more partners to help improve our platform through pilot programs. You probably have tons of questions so we have done our best to answer the big ones below.

Who are you looking to partner with? This small scale pilot will include 1 Northern California K-12 teacher and their classroom. They will be trained and supported by ITG America’s Professional Services and Business Development Teams.

What exactly is the pilot program? This teacher and their students will have full access to the EduWave Learning Management System and assessment tools. The pilot program can integrate and/or link to other learning tools being used by the classroom (ex. Google Apps for Education, Khan Academy, BrainRush) in order to create an easy-to-use single sign on environment that supports Blended Learning.

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Where are you looking to run the pilots? Our office is located in Northern California so we looking for schools with a close proximity in order to give the best support possible. For this reason we are only looking to partner with schools located in Northern California for now.

When can we start? This free LMS pilot will start at the beginning of the spring 2015 semester. Teacher training will start in October, November or December prior to the January deployment. Initial training will take approximately 3 hours over the course of 3 sessions plus ongoing support for any bumps along the way. EduWave is a cloud-based solution so training can be held in person at a location convenient for the teacher

Why are you giving away your LMS as a free pilot program? As a global LMS provider we have worked hard to localize our platform to the needs of the US Educational System but we need your help. We are looking for feedback from local users in order to create the LMS schools have been dreaming of. Together we can create something that makes your life easier and improves the quality of education that you are able to give your students.

Can we keep using EduWave after the pilot? As a thank you for participating in our pilot, partners will receive special discount pricing once the pilot has finished. Schools that participated in the LMS pilot will have free use/access/support/training for the entire school for the 2015/2016 school year. The participating school’s district will receive 50% off our list price if they choose to implement after the pilot has finished.

If you have more questions that we missed or want to get started with the pilot program please give us a call at (650) 300-5067 or email us and we would be happy to discuss the program more in depth.